Business Investigations
  • Due Diligence

With our due diligence service your company would be protected from possible harms that may arise as a result of a relation with another business, mergering with a company or restructing with new partners. Using due diligence, you would get information on your future partner and learn if prospective partner has the capabilities, requisite stability and solvency that is needed to continue your company reputation.

  • Background Checks

Background checks supply a sum of detailed information about your debtor, someone you are in business with or it could help you get to know your employee better in your decision of hiring or promoting. Using this service you will not only get the official information such as driving and criminal records, vehicle and land registrations, bankruptcy, credit or education records and social security numbers but also personal information gained from neighbour or past employer interviews.

  • Corporation Profile Report
These professional reports contain information that is essential for possible partners, importers, buyers and distributors of a company. Current info such as company contact information, lists of product lines, company brands, general company performance and business volume are maintained from trade records and specified in the report.
  • Credit Report
Credit record checks are crucial in starting business with someone, accepting a new partner or hiring an employee that will have access to company money sources. It would help you understand the fiscal responsibility of the prospective partner or employee. Credit reports of a company or an individual are prepared in detail with the information gained from every credit source and includes company credit history, loans, bankruptcies, payment pattern summaries and other debt information, payment amounts, late payments and other related financial information of the individual or company.
  • Monitoring
The most recent information about any desired subject is collected by our professional staff working at continous monitoring services. This service provides day-to-day data in requested area and prevents any violation against your company’s rights if detected.
  • Fraud Investigation
Istanbul International Investigation investigates cases of any kind of illegal acts with the intention of deception such as commercial fraud such as cheque and credit card frauds that involve banks and insurance companies, computer and any related frauds, money laundering offences and intellectual propery frauds.
  • Business Feasibility Research

If you plan to start a business in Turkey and want to learn much more about employee profile, Turkish commercial law and intellectual property rights, how and where to adapt your company to Turkish commerce system and how much your brand is known here, this service provides just the right information. As a result of our researches, you will foresee the benefits, risks and business opportunities and get to know Turkish business life better.


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