Anti-Counterfeiting Operations

Counterfeit products give rise to decrease in sales turnovers of the original trademark owners, even prejudices seriously the owner's image and reputation. As a result of unregistered counterfeit manufacturing, government is exposed to a big amount of tax loss and cheated consumer becomes distrustful fort the trademark. Furthermore, counterfeit foods, medicine and auto parts pose a serious threat fort the consumer.

Counterfeit products which manufactured in Turkey are not just sold in Turkey, they are also exported to Europe, Russia, Israel and Turkic Republics. In Turkey, counterfeiting is mostly on CD, DVD, software, textile, cosmetics, jewelry, medicine, chemical products and food. Nevertheless, many counterfeit products are especially imported from the Far East. Sometimes foreign investors can be hesitant to enter the Turkish market by reason of the prevalence of counterfeit manufacturing in Turkey.

Istanbul Investigation assisted to hundreds of clients from every sector by thousands of operations to cope with counterfeiting and attained to satisfactory results.

After assisting for many years, our teams have a wide source of information and gained enough experience to reach every counterfeiter from sellers, manufacturers to dealers in every sector.According to your demand, our efficient in-house lawyers will take legal action for seizure operations.

Our firm assists to other domestic or foreign law firms to succeed in civil and criminal cases by investigation, fact-finding and seizing actions.

Counterfeiting is ranged over a wide area and causes a serious problem that, world renowned trademark owners become disappointed about anti-counterfeiting.

Whereas, a resolute action can be planned to get counterfeiting under control and to bring it to an end in the next process by serial operations. The plan will be depending on the intensity of counterfeiting.


Our firm gives the most effective assistance for serial operations with its wide experience and professional staff.

Counterfeits can be seized in the,

  • Depots
  • Factories/manufacturing place
  • Customs
  • Stores
  • Street markets etc.
Our firm ensures clients an absolute and successful result. Also charges no fee (including expenses) for negative operation results.


Intellectual Property Piracy

You will have serious investment projects when planning to enter the Turkish market but you might find out that your trademark, patent or design have been registered by people with good or evil intentions. Please benefit our free information service. You will be informed about what should be the first and best move in a such case and how to get the best result in a short time. Istanbul Investigation will submit you the most appropriate alternatives and the solutions to reach the success soonest. When you notice that your trademark is registered in Turkey by someone else, we gather evidence for the action of rescession which you will file after the investigation relevant to your trademark.


Trademark Utilization & Due Diligence

You have not entered the Turkish market yet, and want to get information about the awareness of your brand in Turkey, whether your brand is used or not, your new business partner in Turkey and on the other issues. Istanbul Investigation will be your eye and ear in Turkish market and will inform you by the best pre-investigations regarding your trademark. Or, you have already entered into the Turkish market but you want to certify if your distributor or licensor you entrusted, produces or uses your trademark according to the specifications of your contract or laws. Istanbul Investigation will supply you with all the information you want to have.


IP Investigations

Istanbul Investigation has been giving professional investigation services for companies and legal counselling offices. Subjects on which we submit investigation services are;

We will investigate;

  • Where is the source of the counterfeits of your trademark? Where, by whom and at which level are they produced, imported, sold or stored?
  • Where and how are the counterfeits gathered at a degree, that they can affect your sales?
  • Who and how benefit from recognition of your trademark by producing similar products?
  • By whom is your trademark/patent/design is registered illegally in Turkey, is it being used by these people or was it used previously?
  • What can you do to protect your intellectual property rights?
After assisting for many years, our teams have a wide source of information and gained enough experience to reach every counterfeiter from sellers, manufacturers to dealers in every sector.Istanbul Investigation offers intellectual property investigations and counseling to its customers with professional teams all over Turkey, all North Africa, Middle East countries and Turkic Republics.


Free Consultancy & Sample

Do you have serious concerns or evidence that your trademark is being subjected to domestic or international counterfeiting? Would you like to know if these concerns are justifiable? Our company will be glad to help you find the answers without charge. We are preparing pre reports with detailed information within 48 hours after your request. With the client ID and password we give, you will be able to view the pre report with photos attached. Also a sample of the counterfeit product will be sent to your address without charge upon your request. Please fill the Form to use this service.